Personal Coaching

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Personal Kayak Coaching

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At Rock The Boat Activities we are able to offer a diverse range of personal kayaking coaching programmes from one off sessions to annual and biannual plans working with all aspects of your paddling on and off of the water.

Whatever your paddling goals we are able to help with:

  • White Water Coaching
  • Freestyle Coaching
  • Canoe Coaching
  • Confidence Building
  • Physical Training and Fitness / Fitness for Paddlesport
  • Technique Workshops
  • Leadership
  • Paddle Safety
  • Decision Making
  • BCU Awards
  • Coach Mentoring
  • Long Term Paddler Development Programmes

During tailored coaching sessions we will work with you to develop on your previous knowledge and expand your technical understanding in a range of situations and environments to build a stronger skill level.


For prices and more information on your own personal coaching sessions please email: