BC 3 Star Freestyle

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3 Star Freestyle Award

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Rock the Boat Activities is excited to provide the British Canoeing Freestyle Award. This award is designed to progress the paddler in playboating, but also develop the skills of an all-round good paddler.

To participate on this course you must:

  • Have the British Canoeing 2 star award or have the equivalent ability
  • Show evidence of 10 freestyle sessions, minimum 2 hours, in varied locations
  • Be confident swimming in paddle wear

Rock the Boat offers a two day training course for this award, or a one day refresher course.

The assessment itself is a one day course. One day is not a long time to meet the criteria, so we highly recommend when booking onto a 3 star course to take advantage of a training course to assure that you are ready to smash the assessment!

For more information please fill out the booking form, or email: