BC 2 star

BC 2 Star

Course Aim:

Successful performance at this level indicates that the paddler can use fundamental paddlesport skills on flat water to control movement of both canoes and kayaks, and have an understanding of how the paddle, boat, and water interact.


Candidates must be able to swim 25 metres wearing a buoyancy aid.
Candidates must have experience of:
• Paddling two different craft (e.g. surf kayak, closed cockpit kayak, open cockpit kayak, closed cockpit canoe, solo/tandem open canoe, racing boat, wave-ski, flat hulled boat, v-shaped hull, slalom boat, polo boat, or sea kayak)
• Paddling in two different locations (e.g. canal, river, loch/lake, or sea; different parts of large bodies of water can be counted as two different locations) Competing in two paddlesport competitions (e.g. club level event, slalom, polo, sprint, freestyle, bell-boat etc.) OR completing two journeys of approx. 2 hours duration


This award is obtained by demonstrating performance in both a kayak and a canoe. Any style of kayak or canoe is permissible, e.g. open cockpit, sit-on-top, v-shaped hull or flat bottomed etc. (Each person in a doubles crew must perform each task from both the bow and stern).

If less than 14 years of age the Lee Valley White Water Centre junior paddlesport development course or the BCU Paddlepower program maybe more appropriate.